I was born in Cracow, Poland. I lived there most of my life, until I came to the USA. When I was a little kid, (maybe Iím exaggerating a little) - letís say in 4th grade I became interested in school parties.  Dancing or hooking up with girlfriends didnít interest me too much then.  During those days I had a ďno nameĒ brand stereo system with a turntable and 2 tape decks, all in one piece. At that time, that was really something. Then came the year of 1989. I sold my Atari and I purchased a Sony CD player, which became the flag element of my sound system.  From that point things got better. I upgraded my equipment ; I bought 2 big Tonsil loud speakers and 2 mono amplifiers. I exchanged my Sony player for a Technics and I became the owner of a 2 deck cassette player made by Unitra-Kasprzak.  Everything gained momentum and things really started rolling. Summertime was heading my way. I was deejaying at Dom Kultury in a small village close to Bochnia.  Believe me, that was the summer to remember. Singing, parting, and of course, clubbing.  I was ďall thatĒ - thatís what I thought back then.  The whole village of Sobolow knew me.  The sponsor was very satisfied, crowds of people were coming and I was doing what I have already fallen in love with (Mariusz, Florek - take care guys). I was spending all my earned money on music and equipment. Back then, I had a home made mixer in a wooden box. It was made by a home inventor (thanks Olo). It served me very well. After the new school year started, the non-stop deejaying ended as well. I took advantage of the free time and started going to many night club equipment shows. Every time on my way back, I was half unconscious from all the excitement. One beautiful day when I was on a bus in Cracow, I noticed a store called Flash. I got off the bus on the very next stop. To my surprise, the store turned out to be the place that I could only wish for. It was small and dark inside, just like in a night club, with a counter that looked like a bar - I knew that I couldnít find myself at a better place.  From that moment on, my career as a DJ became more professional. It was in that store where I met the owners as well as DJís Robert and Piotrek (lifetime respect and appreciation) and also Marek, Jacek, Andrzej, Pierdek, Wojtek, Brewka, Witek, Darek, Krzysztof and many, many other people in the same profession. Flash, was also the place where I bought my Gemini 2000 mixer - what a blast!!! I started deejaying at Lala, Piwnica pod Baranami (thatís where I met Roman - DJ KW), Wegrzce Wielkie, Equinox, Pasja, Calypso, Wolnosc FM, and many other well known clubs, as well as at other places and parties. I already played vinyls back then. I wasnít running away from CDs. However, they didnít give me as much satisfaction as the vinyls. This remains same even today. If I donít have to, I donít play CDs. It was 1996 when I started thinking about competing in the DJís Championship. Robert said that I should already be a competitor, but I felt that I wasnít ready at that point - it just wasnít my time yet. It took me over a year to approach the idea more seriously. I used to go, or rather, we used to go as the whole Cracow crew to see different competitions. I watched DMC tapes from previous years and most importantly I practiced. I spent a great amount of time by turntables - it was hard but very passionate and productive work. April 23rd, 1997 began the turning point of my career. It was the day when I won the Polish DJ Championship. I was the best DJ in the country. This event opened the door to bigger successes in my life. I started working with Dee Jay Mix Club. I was traveling and doing scratch shows all over Poland. Also, I was teaching young duds about the art of deejaying. Since then, I attended (was at) every DJís Championship. In 1998, I worked for Denon Polska. I was their official DJ which resulted in a short demo movie with an instruction tape CD 2500N. In the same year, I got second place in the Polish DJ Championship which improved my position in this field. All those years can be summarized as a never stopping party with short breaks to catch some sleep. DJís know most about this, since we have a highly developed sense of partying. :-)). I donít regret any single moment because every one was all worth it. At least, there will be something to talk about when I get old. Since 98 I have been living in Chicago (or its suburbs), where I deejay at different night clubs (mainly Polish). My current plans are more focused on working in my music studio, which doesn't mean that I avoid playing live. The best example and proof of my good shape is my second gold DJ Championship award for the year 2000 and my participation in DJ World Championship in London in 2000 and 2001. It was an unbelievable time of my life. Technics World DJ Championship is a dj's olympics. It's as emotional as Oscar's. Mariusz Duma - Thank You. In 2002 I became the co-founder and co-organizer of the first Polish Dj Championship in Chicago called POLONIA DJ. In cooperation with KW, we produced 4 editions of this event, the last taking place in 2005. Maybe in the future we will revisit this concept. Time will showÖ To all of you who have been with me through all these years, who supported me, who gave me courage and faith in what I do, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Without the support from my mom, my sister, and friends like Kasia Gabasia, Robert 'Sroczka' Sroczynski, Roman KW and Hortex, my plans and my dreams would never become reality proven by success. I apologize to those who I forgot to mention and I promise I will improve. Life goes on and I try very hard to make every moment of it as interesting as possible. Anything that comes up in the future and is worth the attention will be added to this website. Take care. Seba