POLONIA DJ 2003 was the 2nd edition of the Polonia World DJ Championship. This year it took place on the 4th of April at the “Jedynka” night club at 5610 W. Diversey Ave in Chicago.  The biggest change in the rules of this year’s competition was allowing CD-R’s to be used as music supplies.  In the evening, besides the efforts of 5 djs (4 finalists + 1 2002 defending champion) you could also see performances by KB Elements, Chicago Marszalek Band (& dancers) and also a special scratch show delivered by dj Seba – ooops that’s me. This year’s finalists:

1st place – dj Maly
2nd place – dr. Hortex

3rd place – dj team – Dee Jay Scorpio & Super DJ

CONGRATULATIONS and may the beat be with you !

15 djs took part of this year’s competition.  13 solos and 1 duet (super).  I hope that all had a good time, because, that’s what it’s all about.  After all, a dj is a person who should send positive vibrations and turn them into lots of fun while playing and having a joyful time himself.  If this is not the case, it’s time for a new hobby.  All of the competitors are winners because, after all, they’re the ones who decided to represent themselves in front of the public, overcome stage-fear, etc.  However, there are people with big mouths and all they can do is talk, oh-well… 

Creators of this year’s competition would like to thank all sponsors for their support.

1st place - dj Maly  2nd place - dr. Hortex  DJ TEAM (dj Scorpio & Super dj)  dj Seba show  Chicago Marszalek Band + KB Elements