POLONIA DJ 2004, or the Polonia World Dj Championship it's a history now. On April 2nd, 2004 in "Jedynka" night club it was good. You can see it on dvd in which you can also find elimination, finale, the concert of Norbi, and dj Suhy's set (watch trailer). Watching dvd you will experience this all over again. This year's finalists:

1st  place - Super Dj
2nd place - dr. Hortex

3rd place
 - Digital Driver


Generally, 13 djs took part (11 solos and 1 duet). There were only 5 of them in finale. Below you can find several pictures of the competition and a link to see a page with a report coverage. 

As always we (organizers) would like to thank all the sponsors for their support and prizes.

Super dj  dr. Hortex  Digital Driver  Norbi + Marta  dj Suhy