The Polonia DJ 2005 took place May 20th, 2005 at the Capitol Club at 4244 N. Milwaukee Ave In Chicago. Dj Suhy appeared this year in a dual role: as a guest dj and as a co-host. The big ‘no-show” was Sidney Polak :((  Apart form that and few other minor obstacles, the event was was a great success. It is safe to say that all of the competing DJ’s, as well as, the audience, had a great time. After counting the jurors’ scores, at the winners’ podium stood:

1st place - dr. Hortex
nd place - dj Mlody
rd place - Digital Driver


The organizers wish to thank all of the sponsors for help with media promotion and providing the prizes.

1st place - dr. Hortex  2nd place - dj Mlody  3rd place - Digital Driver  hosts: KW i Suhy  guest dj of the evening - dj Suhy